Our ‘GeT Cameras Choice’ machine vision products

It's possible that you have observed that certain of our cameras bear the label "GeT-Cameras Choice." We suggest these cameras for a number of reasons, including a new design, the newest image sensors, and shorter lead times.

Industrial cameras recommendation for new indesigns

A camera is designated as "GeT Cameras Choice" primarily because we suggest it for your upcoming project. The life cycle of the camera is still in its early stages. After being introduced to the market, every camera has at least seven years left in production. Our history indicates that we are typically available for 12 to 15 years. Visit our machine vision knowledge center to learn more about the life cycle of industrial cameras.

Newest image sensors of machine vision cameras

The cameras also have some of the newest image sensors available. Sharper images are produced by using the most recent image sensors, and the cameras are more light-sensitive.

Shorter lead times for machine vision hardware

The number of "GeT Cameras Choice" cameras in stock is higher. If you purchase these cameras with Express handling, we can typically deliver them in two working days. Visit our FAQ section > Handling costs per order to learn more about Express handling.

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How to find ‘GeT Cameras Choice’-products?

It's simple to find "GeT Cameras Choice" products. First off, each product's image features an orange banner. Secondly, when viewing the USB3 cameras overview or GigE cameras product overview, it is simple to check the "GeT Cameras Choice" box.

Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries about "GeT Cameras Choice" or would like to view our Express stock!