Machine Vision Lighting for Industrial Image Processing

    Specialized lighting systems that supply the light required for the camera to take high-quality pictures are referred to as machine vision lighting. For uses like measurement, identification, and inspection, industrial lighting is essential. In addition to offering steady, consistent light, it allows you to select from a wide range of colors, allowing for high contrast. We offer fast delivery on all machine vision lighting on our online store. We have a local express stock of some of the most popular lights that can be shipped out right away. Additionally, you have the ability to personalize the lights by selecting different colors and sizes. Customization is achievable with long-range bar lights, ring lights, backlights, or any other option available. You can conveniently place your order online on our website.

    How do I select the correct machine vision lighting?

    It can be challenging to choose an industrial machine vision light. To help you select the ideal machine vision lighting solution for your unique requirements, we offer knowledgeable assistance. Your machine vision lighting system can be designed, implemented, and troubleshooted with the assistance of our knowledgeable staff. So don't be afraid to contact us using this link, and we'll help you find the ideal machine vision lighting solution!


    Manufacturing and quality assurance of machine vision lighting

    Strict quality control procedures have been implemented at our LED manufacturing facility; these careful procedures are followed step-by-step to guarantee the dependability, reliability, and consistency of our products. The quality department performs a thorough inspection on each batch of LEDs it receives to ensure that the wavelength is within the allowed tolerances. In a climate chamber, approved LEDs are kept until they are needed for production. The next automated step entails soldering and inspecting the LEDs after they have been placed on a PCB. As the production line progresses, the LED boards are put together into a mechanical housing. Testing is done on the lights after they are assembled to make sure they function as intended, especially machine vision lights like line scan lights. This crucial stage guarantees that every unit satisfies our inflexible quality requirements.

    Diffusers are made as part of the machine vision lighting production process. Before being cut into the proper shape, each batch of diffuser plates is tested for transparency. The diffusers are cut automatically. Diffusers are included as standard equipment with all of our bar lights and backlights. The last stage is a thorough quality check, during which each light's voltage, current, and intensity are measured precisely. This process ensures that every machine vision light that leaves our building satisfies the necessary requirements.

    We have set aside a room for light-source edge testing in order to further guarantee the stability of our machine vision lights over the long run. Here, a particular lighting element is used for our particular purpose along with controllers made specifically for that particular testing. To guarantee that our machine vision lights' quality and output are consistent over time, we also use a standard light for edge testing.

    Customizable Customization of machine vision lighting

    In addition to giving you the option to personalize any of our machine vision lighting series, we also provide exact customization choices to guarantee that your unique requirements are satisfied. We can provide you with UV or NIR lighting, specific colors, or sizes that are needed. To guarantee that the highest standards are met by your lighting solutions, we can offer specific certification requirements. We can customize both single orders and larger batch orders; there are no volume restrictions. Please get in touch with us right away to discover the most customised lighting option available.

    Machine vision lighting series

    Our machine vision lighting portfolio includes a wide variety of lighting options, each specifically tailored to your application's needs and performance requirements. There are up to 20 sizes available for some lighting series, and the majority of lights come in red, blue, green, or white color options.

    Ring Light

    For machine vision systems that need consistent, shadow-free illumination during up-close inspections, using a ring light is the best option. Frequently employed in processes like automated small part inspection and quality control. 

    Bar Light

    Bar lights are typically used in pairs to reduce shadows and provide uniform illumination of the object. The bar light can be positioned next to the camera or in close proximity to the object due to its adjustable position.

    • Bar light series (LED1-BL): 20 distinct sizes in one versatile bar light series for a wide range of machine vision applications. Adjustable placement to reduce shadows.
    • Combined bar light series (LED1-BLM): Combined bar light series intends to provide uniform lighting, reduce shadows, and improve illumination. perfect for close inspections.
    • Long distance bar light series (LED1-BLLD): Extended range illumination is offered by long-distance bar light series. Ideal for uses where a critical factor is distance.
    • IP67 Led bar light (LED1-HL2): An IP67-rated bar light guarantees defence against water and dust intrusion. Perfect for harsh settings where dependable and durable lighting is needed.

    Coaxial Light

    Coaxial lights are ideal for machine vision applications where minimal shadows or reflections and accurate imaging are required. frequently used in inspections where interference-free, direct, on-axis light capture is required to capture fine details. Among our personalized coaxial lights are:

    Back Light

    In machine vision systems, backlights are used to emphasize an object's contours or to produce a silhouette effect. Beneficial for applications that need to distinguish objects from backgrounds or recognize shapes.

    • Bottom lit backlight series (LED1-FL): A series of bottom-lit backlights highlights an object's contours or produces a silhouette effect. Perfect for uses where shape and object recognition are needed.
    • Bottom lit parallel backlight series (LED1-FLP): For consistent lighting, a parallel bottom-lit backlight series was created. Ideal for uses where parallel lighting is required.
    • Side backlight series (LED1-FLS): Lighting is provided from the side by the side-lit backlight series. Useful in machine vision inspections for producing distinct shadows and emphasizing features.
    • Side parallel backlight series (LED1-FLSP): Combining side lighting and parallel illumination is possible with the Side-lit Parallel Backlight series. Perfect for a variety of machine vision uses.
    • Direct side backlight series (LED1 -FLH): Focused illumination from the side is provided by a direct side-lit backlight series. Ideal for uses that call for heightened contrast and focused lighting.
    • Telecentric back light (LED5-TELE): With a telecentric backlight, light rays are guaranteed to be parallel to the optical axis in order to facilitate precise imaging. Suitable for uses where precise measurement is required.

    Dome Light

    Dome lights are ideal for machine vision applications that require uniform lighting. frequently used to capture subtle details and flaws in surface inspection tasks without casting harsh shadows. Generally speaking, it is applied to highly reflective objects.

    • Dome light series (LED1-DL): Efficient and uniform lighting is offered by the dome light series. Comes in eight different sizes, these are frequently used in surface inspection tasks to capture defects and fine details without casting harsh shadows.

    Line Scan Light

    For machine vision applications involving moving objects on a conveyor belt, line scan lights are specially made. The goal of line scan lighting is to sequentially capture and illuminate individual lines in order to produce high-resolution imaging. Because of this feature, it works especially well for applications that call for ongoing inspection procedures.

    Spot Light

    For machine vision tasks that need focused illumination on a particular area or feature, our spot lights are ideal. Spot lights are useful for tasks like precise alignment and barcode reading.

    • LED Spot White: Perfect for lighting large objects and applications where color accuracy is essential.
    • LED Spot NIR 940nm (Near-Infrared): Emits light in the near-infrared spectrum at 940nm, frequently employed in situations like covert surveillance or night vision, where human vision is not required.
    • LED Spot NIR 850nm (Near-Infrared): Emits light at 850 nm in the near-infrared spectrum, which is comparable to NIR 940 nm. Depending on the needs, this light may be used for different purposes.

    Use of lighting in machine vision applications

    Machine vision lighting is essential for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries because it makes it possible for machine vision systems to analyze objects with accuracy and dependability. Surface inspection, defect detection, high contrast, object recognition, placement, and the formation of silhouettes for part alignment are among its frequently utilized applications.

    Apart from these basic uses, quality control procedures make extensive use of machine vision lighting. It guarantees the accuracy and reliability of manufactured goods. In order to identify flaws, anomalies, or deviations in size, the technology is utilized in assembly lines, which helps to produce goods that are of superior quality. Barcode reading and identification tasks frequently make use of machine vision lighting, which boosts supply chain and logistics productivity. Its adaptability enhances efficiency in automated system operation and offers insightful information about the quality of products. Machine vision lighting is about to become even more important in simplifying industrial processes and increasing overall efficiency as technology continues to advance.

    Product life cycle management of machine vision lighting

    For industrial machine vision applications, lighting is essential. Machine vision lighting is used for processes, materials, and product inspection and control. LED lighting for machine vision must adhere to strict specifications, including consistent light intensity, precise color rendering, and extended lifespan. To guarantee these requirements, a precise manufacturing process is required. Because the lights in this category have a long lifespan, one can buy the same light year after year with the exact same specifications, including output. Machine vision lights feature excellent batch replication and very little variation in LED characteristics between batches, which reduces the possibility of quality anomalies.

    Accessories as addition to your machine vision lighting setup

    Compared to drawing directly from the mains, a dedicated power supply has various advantages. You can enjoy the advantages of reliable illumination, lower energy consumption, improved control, and reduced electromagnetic interference by integrating a dedicated power supply into your machine vision lighting setup. These benefits add to your machine vision system's overall efficacy and durability. It is advised to use a power supply such as our widely used 24V Power Supply Set

    In addition to power supplies, we provide mounting brackets, extension cables, and LED strobe controllers for simple installation of machine vision lighting in your application.

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