Employee Story – Jackeline NossaSince April 2023, Jackeline has been part of the GeT Cameras team. Originally from Brazil, Jackeline and her husband decided to leave their home country and move to the Netherlands. As a Team & Sales assistant, Jackeline is involved in both logistics and sales. Co-workers describe her as approachable, adaptable and someone with a huge interest in technology.


Before Jackeline started working at GeT Cameras, she developed administrative skills by working for the Court of Justice in Brazil. She was able to continue working this job when she arrived in the Netherlands. However, after a year of remote working, she decided to quit and search for something new. 

Jackeline explains: “I applied for the vacancy as Team Assistant at GeT Cameras. However, they chose someone else for that specific function. Being very enthusiastic about my skills and the conversations that we had, GeT Cameras offered me a different function. On the one side, I would be part of the logistic department with tasks as order fulfilment and shipping goods. On the other side, I would be joining the UK sales team to help customers with their inquiries.

Jackeline was searching for a job where she could utilize her experience in administration and also explore and develop herself in a new field. This made the decision to start this job an easy one. After four months of working at GeT Cameras, she still feels comfortable and happy with the decision she has made: “GeT Cameras offered a well-structured onboarding process where I could learn all of the technical aspects and procedures of the work while also getting to know everyone in the team better. Being part of an international team where inclusivity is a topic of the day, is also important to me ”.


For Jackeline, it was her first time working in an international environment. She is proud of herself being able to adapt quickly to the new work environment. As well, she is proud to work in a role which includes more than one area. In a short period of time, she developed the right skills to be able to assist the UK customers finding the best vision solution. Each customer and application is different, which makes it’s exciting for her to discover something new every day. Jackeline has always had a big interest in technology, which she can now apply to all technical aspects of this field.


“During my first few months in the team, I noticed that the company was growing fast. Therefore, we have recently moved to a new headquarters in the Netherlands. I believe I can continue growing with the company, I can learn and explore more with every day that comes by. My objective is to enhance my communication skills and assist customers with their requirements by selecting the most suitable products for their needs. I would also like to maintain my positive attitude towards self-development.”