Employee Story - Fabiënne van der MadeFabiënne joined GeT Cameras four months ago while putting the finishing touch on her graduation thesis. Currently, with her bachelor’s degree in her pocket, she is responsible for customers in the Benelux region as Account Manager. Her colleagues already describe her as: full of enthusiasm, strong in communication and willing to learn.


We asked Fabiënne why she chose GeT Cameras as her first employer. She said: “I knew I wanted to work in sales as an Account Manager and I applied at multiple companies. My first impression of Get cameras was welcoming, it immediately felt like being at home. While never having expected to work with industrial cameras, my colleagues took the time to teach me a better understanding of machine vision. They are willing to invest in me, which motivated me to give the same amount of investment back.”

My first impression of Get cameras was welcoming, it immediately felt like being at home. 

What she likes best about GeT Cameras is the variety in cultures. Co-workers from countries as Germany, the United States, South-Africa, and Costa Rica; all of them spread over multiple offices worldwide but still connected through (online) team events and meetings. Thanks to her study International Business, she had a passion for working with people from other countries. GeT Cameras provides this multi-cultural work environment. 

Fabiënne wanted a job where communication is key, not only with colleagues, but also with customers. As an Account Manager, she is in contact with customers every day. She provided the most cost-effective camera set-up but also high-quality support. Creating customer relationships is most important for her. The job therefor is a great fit.


For Fabiënne, it has been hard to specify one proud moment. A lot has happened over the past months. Overall, she is very proud of all the customers she was able to help select the most cost-effective camera set-up for their machine vision projects. Some customers want multiple cameras for a serial production in the medical sector, where others want one camera to detect defects on fruit. This huge diversity in projects and companies is why no two days are the same.


In a few months, I have already noticed that the company is growing fast. I expect to grow with and within the company myself. Besides having fun every day together, personal development of each colleague is highly valued. Studying International Business, my colleagues knew I also had an interest in marketing. That is why, besides growing in sales, they gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge by learning about the marketing aspects within the company.”