Employee Story – Gabriella CentonzeGabriella can be described as caring, professional and inventive. She joined the team of GeT Cameras over a year ago. After working in retail, she was ready for a career switch and started a job in the machine vision world at GeT Cameras. She is now Account Manager and carries responsibility for customers in the United Kingdom.


We asked Gabriella why she decided to start working at GeT Cameras. She answered: “I come from South Africa and have a background in sales and retail. After many years and a very stressful period in retail I was ready for an office job. I was looking for a company that treated their employees as valued assets instead of an expense. The job description at GeT Cameras was looking very inviting as they were looking for English speaking candidates and celebrate a multi-national working culture.“

The job she originally applied for went to someone else, but GeT Cameras saw her potential and offered her the position of Account Manager. She did not have any knowledge about machine vision at the time but the team was willing to invest time and energy in training her. Soon after being hired Gabriella announced that she was pregnant with her first child. She instantly was met with a very warm and kind celebration. Gabriella tells the team has been very accommodating to her situation, she is grateful that she could have this experience without feeling any stress or pressure.

Even though Gabriella is a new parent, her career is also very important to her: “I am very lucky that I can have a great balance, that I can grow in my skills and experience while still being there for my child. I genuinely enjoy the work that I do. Each day and application is different and offers a unique challenge. GeT Cameras offers a very friendly working environment. I have always felt very supported in my role. In the office we have a great team dynamic, we share many laughs but also strive to deliver the best service that we can.”


Gabriella is most proud of the progression and understanding technical aspects of machine vision. She is grateful for the training and ongoing support and sees every opportunity as one to further extend her knowledge. It makes her feel proud to be a part of this team and work for a company that she believes in.


I am inspired to develop my personal growth within GeT Cameras, to grow and develop my customer portfolio. Aside from my daily tasks as account manager I want to develop my technical knowledge within the field. I also want to further develop my management skills and offer advice and support for the team when needed.