C-mount Lens for Industrial Machine Vision Cameras

    C-mount lens

    One of the most popular lens types for industrial machine vision applications is the C-mount lens. This is because of its compact design and standardized thread. Our C-mount lenses are made to the exact standards of dependability and durability, which are necessary to withstand challenging circumstances like those present in the industrial settings. The C-mount lenses' features are designed to satisfy the demands of industrial image processing. They provide sharp images over an extended lifetime thanks to their high optical performance and precise focusing.
    We have nearly all of our C-mount lenses available on our local express stock. This indicates that they are prepared for shipping right away following an order. We also provide quick delivery for large orders of C-mount lenses. Numerous focal lengths are offered for each lens series. The majority of our C-mount lenses feature fixed focal lengths, which offer consistency for your application and allow for excellent contrast and resolution in photos that are taken. Because of this, they are perfect for use in industrial settings where set requirements like field of vision and working distance are required. Because fixed-focus lenses are relatively inexpensive, they may be able to accommodate the demands of large-scale industrial productions.

    What should I consider when looking for a C-mount lens?

    It is crucial to consider a number of factors when choosing the best lens for your machine vision application. The intended field of view, working distance, sensor size, and necessary focal length are some of these variables. Use our lens calculator to find the ideal focal length for your purpose and to assist you in choosing the correct lens. You can also use this tool to calculate the field of view for a C-mount lens.
    The fit between your industrial camera's pixel size and lens resolution, or resolving power, is another important factor to consider. The article "How to select the best lens resolution for the pixel size of your camera" has more information on this topic. The relationship between pixel size and lens resolution is explained in detail in this article.
    Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in choosing the ideal lens for your needs. Kindly reach out to us for immediate support!

    Advantages of C-mount lenses

    There are numerous advantages to using C-mount lenses because they are made especially for the use in industrial settings. In order to survive challenging circumstances like high temperatures, humidity, vibration, and other unfavorable elements, they are made to be strong and resilient. Other benefits include:

    • Suitable for image sensors up to 1.4;
    • Manual aperture (iris) adjustment;
    • Manual focus setting;
    • Screws to fix securely the iris and focus position;
    • You can easily and securely mount the lens;
    • Selected lenses with very high light sensitivity, apertures ranging up to F1.4

    Applications for C-mount lenses

    C-mount lenses are adaptable optical instruments used in a variety of applications, such as machine vision systems for quality assurance, inspection, and production process monitoring. They are crucial parts of tracking, positioning, and object identification in robotics and automation.
    Their capacity to produce precise and detailed images is especially useful for capturing minute details of samples and tissues in scientific research and medical imaging. C-mount lenses are adaptable and versatile in a variety of fields, from helping robots manipulate objects to inspecting products on assembly lines.

    Get Cameras portfolio of C-mount lenses

    We offer more than fifty distinct C-mount lenses in our collection. GeT Cameras offers a wide range of high-performance lenses with varying focal lengths and sensor sizes for every resolution level (45MP, 25MP, 20MP, 10MP, 12MP, or 5MP). We also provide varifocal and macro lens options. Please contact us for custom C-mount lenses if you were unable to find what you were looking for in our online store or if your application called for a very specific solution that was not readily available in our portfolio. Our objective is to offer premium goods with a very low degree of variation between individual lenses.
    Do you require the ideal camera to go with your C-Mount Lens? View our assortment of Machine Vision Cameras.

    Differences of C-mount lenses

    Three categories can be made out of our collection of standard C-mount lenses according to their focal length, aperture, and optical design:

    • Fixed focal length lenses are the industry standard for applications involving machine vision. The focal length, or magnification, cannot be altered, although the focus and aperture can. This makes it possible for the manufacturer to create a lens that is more sensitive to light than other kinds of lenses. Furthermore, the lenses are more robust and dependable to operate in an industrial setting because they have fewer mechanical components. The working distance, intended field of view, and sensor size all affect a lens's focal length. Our lens calculator is an ideal resource for figuring out the required focal length.
    • Zoom lenses: With their variable magnification, these lenses provide a large field of view without requiring the camera to move or a greater degree of working distance flexibility. Their focal lengths, both maximum and minimum, are usually used to describe them. There are zoom lenses with manual focus and motorized/autofocus, like those that are frequently used in machine vision and CCTV systems. 
    • Macro lenses: Designed for high resolution applications requiring a short working distance, these lenses are specialized for close-up images. They are perfect for capturing minute details of small subjects because they have a shallow depth of field and a short minimum focusing distance. We offer macro lenses with focal lengths of 25, 35, 50, and 75 mm and 12 MP resolution.
    • Furthermore, you can utilize the telecentric C-mount lens that we have available for your application.

    Lens filters and adapters for a C-mount lens

    For C-mount lenses, we provide a large selection of lens filters. You can enhance the contrast in your machine vision application by using our filters. A wide variety of bandpass, long pass, UV, NIR, and polarizing filters are available. Select the filter thread that fits your particular C-mount lens from a range of options.
    If your camera is CS-mount, all you have to do to incorporate it into your setup is match your C-mount lens with our C-EXTENSION-RING-5MM adapter.
    Using a focal extender, such as our 2x focal length extenders or 4x focal length extenders, is an additional option. To extend the focal length of a C-mount lens and zoom in by a factor of two or four. When using C-mount lenses with a microscopic, for instance, where the field of view is typically smaller, these focal extenders can be very helpful.

    C-mount lenses production and quality control

    The annual production capacity of our manufacturing facility is over 300,000 lenses. Specifically, we have 500 units of machine vision lenses in stock. These lenses are painstakingly crafted and polished to achieve the exact aspherical size. Glass elements are cut, polished, and thoroughly cleaned during the first production step of this metal-encased glass construction. Our C-mount lenses have an exceptional price-performance ratio and meet strict quality standards thanks to the implementation of strict quality control measures.

    C-mount lens shock & vibration test

    Shock and vibration tests are conducted on the industrial c-mount lens intended for Machine Vision applications. The lens is made to fit with pressure-ring-fixed glasses. Lenses are examined in the following circumstances:

    • Vibration testing: for 25 minutes, three perpendicular directions of a sine wave with an amplitude of 1.5 mm and a frequency of 10 Hz to 55 Hz will shake the lens.
    • Drop test: On a steel plate, a rigid surface, the lens is dropped five times, once from each of its six sides, three corners, and one height of one meter. It is packaged in its standard package.

    To ensure that the focus and aperture lens locking screws won't vibrate or loosen up in machine vision applications where the c-mount lens might, we recommend using blue Loctite® glue. The best practices for C-mount industrial lenses are as follows.

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